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Adam’s Story – My Apprenticeship

Adam Kenich

The Apprenticeship

I have enjoyed sport all my life, always giving 100% in my PE lessons but never considered a job in sport.  After my final year at school, I went to Bath College to start a career in Public Services, when realising that wasn’t for me I had to find another path. I looked at many different jobs and being pressured by my parents I didn’t know what to do.

One day, my sister who is a primary school teacher, mentioned about PH Sports and that I should apply for them. I did so and within a few days I had an observation where I ran a football session.  A few days after that I got a phone call to say I had the job.

I went into staff week very nervous but having a mentor made my time very easy, any issues or anything I needed help with, Tom was there for me. Each term I was feeling more and more comfortable when I came to teaching and started taking my own classes. Now towards the end of the year I have a couple of days where I teach on my own and it feels great. I am hoping to finish the year off really well and secure myself a full time job.

What is your role at PH Sports?

At PH Sports, I have a role on the camps team where my jobs vary from making sure the first aid kits are full to making sure the OFSTED folders are completed and up to date. Also Shane comes in on a Tuesday to work with us through our booklet.

How is your time divided up?

Breakfast club, office, work, teaching, after school club, all very different, but all very rewarding and enjoyable

What’s your favourite part of working for PH Sports?

The staff, the feeling of working with your friends whether you’re in the office or out teaching.

What’s the most important skill you developed as an apprentice?

There are so many… I’ve developed my behaviour management, confidence, time management, teamwork, communication. I’m now qualified in teaching many more sports through PH Sports. I’ve learned so so much!

What’s the most challenging aspect of being an apprentice?

The money. It is hard, but PH Sports makes it easier by offering chances of overtime and bonuses are very achievable throughout the year. They also pay for your entire qualification and any other courses that you do, so it’s definitely worth while!

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