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Gabriel’s Story – My Apprenticeship



I am now coming up to two years at PH Sports, the first of which I was an Apprentice. I am now Full-Time and in charge of all recruitment in the Wiltshire area.

I discovered this opportunity just through a quick search on the internet and it sounded like an amazing chance to do something different to sitting in an office every day and something I am very passionate about. I have always been very into sport but especially mad about football.

I had little experience in coaching but it was something I wanted to gain more knowledge and experience in and PH Sports have more than fulfilled that wish. I now have my own schools during the week which offers huge responsibility but also huge reward as you can see each child improve in their P.E and that’s entirely because of you as the coach.


What is your role at PH Sports?

I am in charge of all recruitment in Wiltshire. On a daily basis, I assess every application that is sent into me and reply accordingly. I also have my own schools which I have loved teaching in throughout this year.


How is your time divided up?

Most mornings I have breakfast clubs and then generally I will go to the office to keep on top of any emails. The majority of my time is taken up by teaching which I find to be a massive benefit of the job especially during summer months.


What’s your favourite part of working for PH Sports?

Without doubt, it is the sense of achievement you get out of every single lesson. I firmly believe that as a coach you only get back as much as you give out. So putting every effort in all my lessons is paramount. It’s an extremely rewarding job in terms of child progression as long as you give yourself enough time to plan your lesson and this can all be done with a brief, well written whiteboard which I think is an excellent USP of PH Sports.


What’s the most important skill you developed as an apprentice?

Definitely behaviour management. It is something that you continue to learn with experience of the job. I knew nothing about behaviour management when I started and therefore I became easily frustrated with trickier children but just a few simple techniques will make your life as coach a lot easier. Not only that, but using these techniques will improve the quality of your lessons which is the number one priority.


What’s the most challenging aspect of being an apprentice?

The money is definitely a challenge but in my opinion it is definitely worth grinding out a year. Not only might you gain a Full-Time job but you also gain so many qualifications along the way which PH pays for so it works out nicely.


Interested in applying to be a PH Sports apprentice? Get in contact using the details below.

Wiltshire: 01225 701830             Hampshire: 02381 781500             Somerset: 01225 701830

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