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James’ Story – My Apprenticeship

James Phillips

The Apprenticeship

My name’s James – most people call me JP, and this is my apprenticeship story.

I joined PH Sports as an apprentice in September 2016, working from the Hampshire base. Following a year of hard work, I completed the apprenticeship in 2017.  After completion – I was offered a full time position, which I started in September 2018.



What is your role at PH Sports?

My current role is a full time school sports deliverer. I am also a member of the PH Camps team.


How is your time divided up?

My time is divided between my two job roles. The majority of my time is spent teaching PE, including PPA, CPD, Breakfast Clubs and After School Clubs. The other part of my time is working as part of the PH Camps team, specifically within Hampshire. This involves being part of the planning of the camps that are run throughout school holidays. I highly recommend them, so check them out at:


What’s your favourite part of working for PH Sports?

I thoroughly enjoy supporting children within schools, witnessing and aiding their development. I feel great pride in seeing children grow and improve through sport. Also, I really enjoy being part of a fun team and the team ethic that comes with working together.


What’s the most important skill you developed as an apprentice?

I feel my communication skills have improved. Shadowing more senior members of the team and being able to see the way they communicate to others really helped. My interactions with children, parents, school staff and internal company staff has benefited from this.


What’s the most challenging aspect of being an apprentice?

I found the coursework that comes with the apprenticeship to be a bit challenging. Despite this, through the help of my mentor and apprenticeship tutor, I was able to complete my folder and feel it has been extremely beneficial to me.


Interested in applying to be a PH Sports apprentice? – We are on the lookout for Apprentices to start in September across Wiltshire, Dorset, Hampshire & Somerset.

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