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PE PPA Cover for Schools

Quality PE PPA cover for schools from PH Sports across Wiltshire, Hampshire, Somerset and Dorset.

We deliver PE as PPA cover in a large number of schools across the South West. Our staff are skilled in delivering lessons independently without the support of classroom teachers and are confident in getting the children changed before and after lessons, registering and dismissing classes. All of our PH Sports staff have excellent levels of behaviour management. We like to work to each school’s personal behaviour policy to ensure that the expectations of behaviour from the children remains the same during their time with us. Our PE lessons follow the National Curriculum and each lesson plan is shared with the school. Assessments of children during PE are also completed and available to class teachers following each area of activity. We love to collaborate with teachers, for instance sharing class topics to guide themes for lessons. This allows class teachers to plan effectively around what we are delivering, whilst allowing us to use you term theme i.e. ‘Romans’ within our lessons.

Our PE PPA cover for schools focuses on the individual and how to move them forward in their learning. Our skilled practitioners use precise feedback and engaging, individual review methods to move pupils forward. We encourage children to peer assess within lessons, this helps to improve their social skills. We really believe in the positive effect that PE can have on child development. We would love to come and meet with you to discuss how we do this and what we can offer your children.

Assessment is a huge part of school these days. We are committed to showing the impact that we create at PH Sports. As a result, we can bring in our own assessment framework. However we are also comfortable using your schools current assessment process.

Our flexible PPA cover provides high quality, safe, challenging and active PE lessons for your pupils. We tailor your PE PPA cover to suit time and space available. In some of our schools we deliver two lessons at the same time allowing teachers to collaborate during PPA time.

All of our staff at PH Sports are DBS checked, hold first aid and safeguarding children certificates. PH Sports are the leading deliverer of PE within Wiltshire. We have now expanded our successful model to Swindon, BANES, Somerset, Hampshire and Dorset.


We would love to come and meet with you at your school to discuss how we could support and impact your PE. We are also happy to deliver a taster session at no cost to give you the opportunity to see our staff at work.