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Alternative Sports

Alternative Sports are a great for challenging pupils and offering them something a little bit different.

Image 5Well I guess we better start with what we mean by alternative sports. At PH Sports we deliver a lot of curriculum based PE. However we have also diversified the sports that we offer. Over the years this has meant that we have acquired the skills to deliver a huge range of sports and activities. Those that fall outside of the ‘standard’ PE curriculum sports of cricket, hockey, football, dance and gymnastics fit into what we like to call alternative sports. This includes sports and activities such as indo boarding, power kiting, handball, slacklining, free running and that is just to name a few. To keep up we now have a ‘Latest List of Sports’ this is because the number and range of sports is always growing. We found that schools were asking what sports we offered and we would mention some and come away thinking of all the others. The best thing is to get in contact with us and we will happily send you our latest list of sports.

Why Alternative Sports

They are a great way to engage pupils that are switched off by the usual offering of football, tag rugby, cricket and gymnastics. Many alternative sports may be something that they have already tried, especially skateboarding and parkour. We offer the opportunity to try and practice these sports in a safe, engaging environment. The new National Curriculum has given us a greater scope for using these activities as part of the school curriculum.

What opportunities are there for Alternative Sports?

We have used alternative sports as a vehicle for delivering a number of interventions and projects, especially when working with challenging groups. Talk to us about how we could use alternative sports together to create an impact in your school.