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Guarantee a sustainable impact to the quality of PE with our PE Teacher Support mentoring services.

Image 16Could your school benefit from some professional development around PE? Our staff will support and develop your teachers so that they are confidently and consistently delivering high quality PE lessons. Ensuring all pupils are engaged, challenged and supported in their learning. We can deliver PE teacher support packages working alongside teachers or hold twilight PE Mentoring CPD sessions. The impact that we create is monitored and fulfils the latest Ofsted criteria when reporting use of the Sport Premium funding. If you are interested in how we do this get in contact and we will be more than happy to come out and talk to you.

We know that each teacher’s needs in your school will be different. Some may not be naturally sporty and others might be sports-mad individuals. We tailor our PE teacher support services to the school’s needs, whether that is every class all year or rotated classes every half-term.

PE Teacher Support Methodology

Our PE Mentoring methodology is top secret, it’s what makes us unique and a leading provider of PE in schools. Trust us. It’s worth stealing! To give you an idea…

Across a typical unit:

Week 1: PH Sports staff will deliver the lesson alongside the teacher, the teacher will work with a specific group, this could be a target group to boost their learning. PH Sports staff will explain and deliver all parts of the lesson, the teacher will then relay this information onto their group of pupils.

Week 2: PH Sports staff will deliver the lesson with the teacher helping to deliver. The teacher will then take a group for a game. This may be a smaller group for a game of tag rugby, or delivering the game to the whole group with assistance from PH Sports staff. The teacher selects one element of the lesson to deliver in week 3. PH Sports staff ensure they have all the information to deliver this section.

Week 3: PH Sports staff will deliver the majority of the lesson, the teacher will deliver an element of the lesson assisted by PH Sports staff. They will work with a group when not delivering part of the lesson and again will be involved in the game at the end. The teacher will select a different element of the next lesson to deliver for week 4.

Week 4: Following completion on the unit of study the teacher will fill out a feedback form. PH Sports staff will then tailor the next set of CPD to the teachers needs and requirements for that unit of study and will provide extra information if requested by the teacher.

We tend to work with teachers across a four or six week unit PE mentoring programme, this can be throughout the year rotating units or as specific development sessions.


Teachers – we will send you a link to further information about our unique PE mentoring methods via your email address. Please contact with the subject: Teacher Support.