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PE for PPA

Our staff are equipped with the skills and knowledge to come into school and deliver PE lessons to provide you with PPA cover. Our staff will register, supervise and support the children getting changed and deliver high quality and engaging PE lessons using whiteboards that help to support develop the whole child through PE and provide differentiation. Staff will manage class control and behavioural issues themselves and liaise and involve your school staff when appropriate and necessary.

At the end of each lesson staff will once again supervise and support the children getting changed and then hand back over to the classroom teacher or TA or dismiss to break, lunch or parents at the end of the day.

Assessments are provided termly based on the activities that the children have been participating in to support your classroom teachers with reports and baseline tests are also performed at the start and end of each academic year for us to monitor and produce impact reports which will then be handed out to each school individually.


PE for Staff CPD

Similar to our PPA lessons and with all of the elements included, but in addition our staff will work alongside a classroom teacher or TA to support them with their confidence in the delivery of PE. Providing your staff with opportunities to see practical skills and drills delivered in an age appropriate way using our whiteboard methods, your staff can also ask questions throughout each lesson and become physically involved by delivering parts of lessons when they feel comfortable.

Weekly or termly reviews can also be carried out to support your staffs’ development and provide evidence of where you have been spending your school sports premium.


Lunch Clubs

Our lunch clubs are a great opportunity to provide sports provision across the whole school. Lunch clubs are great for targeting those who have difficulty accessing clubs after school, for children who require a little more support with fundamental movements, school teams need some specialist coaching. On the other hand, you be looking for dynamic playground leadership or supervision of structured games and activities for the whole school.


Breakfast Clubs

Our breakfast clubs offer a great start to the day with a healthy breakfast and activities that will actively engage every child, as well as providing a great opportunity to socialise with school friends. Breakfast club packages are tailored to your school needs.


After School Clubs

Our after-school clubs are both engaging and fun providing either sport specific or multi skills based sessions. We also offer an extensive range of alternative sports such as Indo-Boarding, Ultimate Frisbee and Rock-it Ball.


1:1 or Small Group Mentoring

A service that we have developed over the past couple of years, staff are available to come into schools to work closely on a 1:1 or small group basis with children and mentor them through sport and physical activity. Target children may include those with behavioural difficulties, have poor social skills and SEN groups.


Booster and High Flyer (Gifted & Talented) Groups

Our booster and high flyer sessions are targeted at selected, smaller groups of children, decided by you who you feel could benefit from additional sports sessions. This could be to support children with developing their fundamental physical capabilities or on the other hand be to provide additional challenge to those excelling within their PE lessons and sport in general.