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Jade’s Story – My Apprenticeship


Jade Wozniak – PH Sports

Apprenticeship to Full Time Sports Coach

Jade knew she wanted to work in sport delivering sport from a young age and applied to complete a week’s work experience with PH Sports whilst she was at secondary school. After a successful placement, Jade later went on to volunteer at weekends at PH Sports events. Jade went on to complete a School Sport and PE Apprenticeship with us at PH Sports, following successfully completing the course Jade has progressed onto being a full-time member of staff with PH Sports teaching in schools and is currently responsible for Staff CPD across the company.

“I knew I wanted to work in sport and I enjoy communicating with children. Having researched a little into PH Sports, it seemed like a great company to begin my career with.”

We asked Jade some questions about her experiences firstly as a work experience student, a PH Sports apprentice, and now as a full-time member of staff:

What is your role at PH Sports?

I am in charge of the continued professional development (CPD) of staff at PH Sports to ensure that we are able to provide high-quality PE lessons. This means that I research and organise new courses for staff to attend, ensure that staff certificates and registrations are up-to-date and we appear on all accredited sports provider lists.

How is your time divided up?

I spent two-thirds of my time delivering curriculum PE in schools and one-third of my time in the office. Being an apprentice was a really worthwhile experience for me as I got to learn about office roles and how important these are in the running of a company. Having that understanding has really helped me in my job role. I learnt as an apprentice how to manage my time – I now set targets so I can achieve my targets on time.

What’s your favourite part of working for PH Sports?

My favourite part about working for PH Sports is the fact I get to go into schools and inspire children to develop skills and actually seeing that happen.

It’s also a good group of people to work with, a great variety of experiences from working with children in lots of schools and importantly for me, there is no weekend work which allows me to still play sport.

What’s the most important skill you developed as an apprentice?

Behaviour management was a really important skill I got to work on over a long period of time – how to approach a new class, keeping the class calm and focused on you, dealing with challenging children.

What’s the most challenging aspect of being an apprentice?

The money aspect – I also worked part-time as well to support my learning. Although it was a consideration, it wasn’t a barrier to applying for an apprenticeship as I love sport and wanted to teach PE to children and this was more important to me. I also knew that there was a full-time opportunity with PH Sports at the end of the apprenticeship!

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