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Kira’s Story – My Apprenticeship


Kira Borlase

The Apprenticeship

From a young age I always knew that I wanted to teach. I just wasn’t sure what I was going to be teaching, and at no point did I think I would be delivering P.E. At school, I hardly enjoyed P.E, and I think that’s down to the fact that we never had a proper P.E teacher. We’d always have the teacher that knew the most about football, and we’d only cover 3 main areas. It wasn’t until secondary school that I found a love for sport and coaching. It’s great to be part of a company that offers opportunities and development, not only for their staff, but for the children that we engage every day.

I went on to study a sports coaching diploma at Hartpury College, and after this I found a job with PH Sports. I quickly realised that there’s so much more to learn when you’re in an environment with children all day! There’s never a dull moment in the company, and everyone brings their own cards to the table, and that’s what makes PH Sports so unique, being able to love what you do 5 days a week, but having the support that is of a family around you!

We’re coming into the final term of the year now, and I can see the confidence and improvement in myself since September. I’m delivering sessions on my own in schools, and at the end of the year I’m hoping to go full time and continue inspiring children every day!


What is the day in the life of an Apprentice like?

Being an apprentice is good fun, you learn to become a morning person, and being in a bad mood is never an option because the children will always cheer you up. There are people around that can support you, and give advice. Each day is different and you don’t know what to expect!

What is the best part of being an apprentice?

The best part about being an apprentice is that you’re gaining experience whilst on the job, being in schools and being hands on with learning makes things so much easier, you learn more than you would being sat in a classroom all day.

What skills have you developed so far?

So far I have developed my behaviour management and the way  that I deal with challenging or tricky behaviour/children. It’s helped me to have more confident in my own ability, and shown me that I can do it, no matter how hard some days may be.

How much support do you receive?

We see our tutor Shane once a week, and he helps us with the coursework side of things but he is also there to make sure that we’re okay socially, emotionally and mentally. Throughout the company, there are lots of people to help support and give you advice,

How has being an Apprentice for PH Sports prepared you for the future?

Being with PH Sports has given me an insight to the wider world. It’s helped me to be more aware of money, making sure that you’re budgeting each month in order to get through, it’s also helped with key skills such as communication, confidence and it’s also shown me that you should never be afraid to ask for help!

What is the most important skill you developed as an apprentice?

In my coaching, I’ve found that it is important to make sure you relax and have fun with what you’re doing. Not every session is going to run according to plan, and you just have to roll with it, the more you stress, the harder your job becomes

Describe PH Sports in 3 words…

Friendly, challenging, driven

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