Last Updated:      25th Feb 2021

Lockdown 3.0 Learning Resources

Well here we are again..... Lockdown 3.0, schools are shut again, so we're back with our remote/home learning resources. These can be used with Key Worker children in school or by all pupils who are at home.

We want support all pupils in remaining active & healthy throughout this period. We will be uploading weekly videos, lessons plans and resources to support schools and pupils.

We understand this is an extremely difficult time for pupils and schools and we will do all we can to support you at this time.

Remote Lesson Plans
Each week will be uploading 2 new lesson plans that can be used at home or in the classroom with your pupils. We are still able to support delivery in school during this period, but these might be great for you online learning platforms giving your remote learners some PE to access.
Pre-recorded Video Lessons
These pre-recorded lesson plans fit alongside the lesson plans above. So download the plan, share it with your pupils and share the links too and let them join in alongside a member of PH Sports staff.
Booklet 3 is Live!

Here they are! The booklets are packed with activities and home challenges to keep pupils engaged in physical activity. We have made use of some cross curricular links too.

This booklet will last 10 days (2 weeks) and we are currently working on the next ones that will cover up until Feb holidays.

If you have any questions please get in touch.