Maths on the Move

Developed by teachers for teachers, Maths on the Move (MOTM) is a unique and innovative programme aligned with the national curriculum. Using physically active learning, MOTM enhances children’s confidence and attainment in maths. Suitable for all abilities, the programme can be tailored to suit pupils’ individual requirements.

Use MOTM as an intervention programme to support lower achieving children or extend the learning of those who are gifted and talented. The results show that, whatever the pupil’s pre programme confidence level, it is boosted post programme.

MOTM is a sustainable and effective use of the PE and Sport Premium. By embedding physical activity into the school day, the programme raises the profile of PE and sport across the school as a tool for whole-school improvement.

Experienced educators deliver MOTM and learning materials are provided. An online portal and regular pupil reports enable progress to be continually tracked and monitored, essential for justifying premium spend to Ofsted.

The programme covers all learning outcomes of the maths curriculum for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. To get a taste of the sort of activities we use in MOTM sessions, download a number trail activity to try with your class.


How do we know it works?

A six-week study conducted by academics from Leeds Beckett University has concluded that the MOTM programme both improves maths attainment and increases physical activity levels.


Case Study

School: Nonsuch Primary School

Problem: A lack of tailored programmes to suit both the more gifted and underachieving pupils at the school.

Objective: The school wanted to challenge their gifted and talented pupils in a different way while developing a mathematics intervention programme that would support their lower achieving children.

Solution: Maths on the Move helped improve levels of attainment amongst children, giving them an understanding of a wide variety of mathematical techniques and methods (such as fractions, percentages and multiplication tables) and making maths more accessible by delivering it through sport and activity.

The programme also had a positive impact on the children’s state of mind, with all participants reporting that their confidence levels in maths had improved as a result of the programme.

As well as Maths on the Move provision, lunchtime support provided an increase the amount of competitive opportunities for the children and helped increase participation through their out of hours learning provision.

How Schools Use Maths on the Move

Maths On The Move offers an alternative learning environment and is used by primary schools in a variety of ways:

  • Group interventions
  • Closing the gap sessions
  • Gifted and talented sessions
  • SATS booster
  • Curriculum enrichment
  • Extra curricular provision

Gifted and talented children benefit from booster lessons to reach the highest grades, while lower achieving pupils can improve their mathematical skills and confidence, benefiting from an alternative learning environment that’s proven to increase both confidence and ability.

We can tailor the programme to your needs offering flexibility to ensure we support and develop your pupils competence and confidence in Maths.