About the programme

The PH Sports PE CPD for primary school teachers programme is a tailored approach that has been designed to provide support that develops confidence and competence in delivering PE.

Our interactive programme has been developed alongside teachers to ensure learning is embedded with consideration given to the busy schedule and school life of teachers.

Our Professional development plan (PDP) booklets sit alongside our supportive delivery methods. They are designed to ensure that self-evaluation and reflection periods are effective, efficient and quick. Our PDP booklets allow teachers to reflect and embed learning throughout the year, with strong evidence to measure impact shown available at the end of each term.

PH Sports staff will support and collaborate with your teachers to identify areas for development. The targets will form the basis of the practical lessons of the programme to ensure impact on your teacher's agreed areas for progression.

The programme is delivered by specialist staff who are fixated on armouring your teachers with the skills and knowledge that will spark their confidence to deliver high-quality PE; that ultimately impacts the outcome of every pupil.

Our aim is for your teachers to deliver PE with enjoyment and enthusiasm that will diffuse to your pupils. As highly skilled experts in the classroom, we intend to show your teachers how their skills can be transferred to deliver high-quality, fun and engaging PE that contributes to sustainable whole-school improvement.

What's Included

  • Dedicated area manager
  • Detailed scheme of work
  • Tailored curriculum map
  • High quality, differentiated lessons
  • Fully qualified, passionate staff
  • Specialist school support package
  • Ofsted & reporting support
  • Impact report for evidence
  • Pupil assessments
  • Guaranteed cover for illness
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